5 Tips To Make The Best of Poshmark

Maybe you’ve hear of the site and maybe you haven’t. Assuming the latter, Poshmark is a site gear towards women’s fashion. Whether you are looking for a new party dress and killer heels or to unload and revamp you wardrobe you can do it on Poshmark with a little bit of effort on your part. I am by no means a pro of the app, but from the 1.75 months I’ve been using it I have learned a thing or two. My tips go both ways, it doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or seller, there are a number of things to consider. So without further adieu here is the list. (Don’t forget the $5 credit at the end of this post)

Closet Items

Take Good Pictures: First off, photos are everything! Keep in mind that this is a completely virtual landscape. You potential buyer has no way of trying on the item unless by chance you are within a few miles of each other. Your photos should be great quality. When you look at your photos would you consider keeping the item for sale? If not you should retake them. Don’t think that you are restricted to a coat hanger and closet door. Lay them on a clean carpet, against you outdoor fence (during the daytime of course) or have someone model them for a fun day style event. A picture is worth a thousand words and your photos could make or break your sale. Trust me, I know there are a few items I need to update photos on in order to gain traction.

Give A Good Description: This is equally as important as a photo. The information you outline to your potential buyer could make or break the sale. If there is a button missing, this is the place to let them know. Keep in mind an item with the title of, “Dress,” is not going to gain much interest. If you have a NWT (new with tags) ASOS dress for sale PUT THAT INFORMATION IN THE TITLE! Seriously, people search keywords all the time. I know that I’m always on the hunt for cute green dresses. You want to give the buyer as much info as you can. As a buy you will ask questions and if you don’t see something that may aid in you purchasing then ask away if that information if detailed. Worse case scenario you don’t get the sale on the first try, but another buyer will see the information and benefit from it thus purchasing without question.

Share Your Items: There are three parties a day on Poshmark. This is a great way to find out which closets are active and who has great things for sale. If you are looking for a handbag, you can assume that there will be at least one handbag specific sale at 3pm EST every week. Grab up all the Coach wristlets you can handle then! Honestly, the parties at 12pm EST, 3pm EST and 10pm EST are awesome.  If you are selling you need to share there in order to get your items seen. If you are starting out and have a dozen followers this is a great way to garner interest.

Return The Love: If you have anything for sale you may see that someone has shared your item. Don’t ignore the share! Let me reiterate that, don’t ignore the share. This means someone has taken a liking to your item and feels as though it is worth telling their Posh friends about. The best way to thank them is by going into their closet and sharing any items that you like with your followers. There’s no loss in sharing back the items from follower Poshers. Worst case scenario you spend a fee minutes of your day sharing back what others have already shares. In personal practice I try to share back each share I have received. There are times when I will share three (3) items from a fellow Poshers closet and they will share back and we do this every 12 hours or so…. This means if I share someone’s item and they have 130,000 followers that there are potentially 130,000 unique eyes that are seeing something from my closet. This helps with followers, sharers and above all SALES!

Consider Offers: Finally, you get an offer. What are you to do? In my closet, right at the top is a guideline for Poshers. If you are a buyer and you see a fabulous pair of Cole Haan shoes priced at $30 dollars, what do you do? Purchase them outright? Maybe. In actuality you may feel that you should be able to spend $25 total (including shipping) and offer $20. What’s the harm in that you say. Nothing! The seller should consider in the end that you are paying up to $4.99 in shipping costs. Make the offer even if it’s more than 20% less than the listed price. Most people are looking to move items out of their virtual (and literal) closets to make space for new items. If you are a seller, keep in mind that trying to earn an extra $2 or $5 dollars may not be worth the extra time spent reposting it. Nor is it worth the space in your closet.

Poshmark is a great way to sell your stuff as well as a great way to acquire new things for your closet. If you have any questions be sure to ask them to the seller, if you don’t get a response move along to the next best thing. Trust me, there are a plethora of things that I am looking at, but I need to clear out my closet first.

If you haven’t downloaded the Poshmark app to your phone yet, check it out and get a $5 credit on your account (Worth at least shipping cost). If you spend $50 through 9/7/15 at 11:59pm EST you will get free shipping meaning that you get a $5 discount on your order. You honestly can’t lose. The code for the credit is PNKSA!

Back to School Shopping on a Dime!

I know. It almost sounds like an oxymoron… How can you possibly not spend tons of money while purchasing clothes for you pre-teen or teenager? Well the answer isn’t so hard if you think outside the box. No, you don’t need to sift through racks and racks of clothing at your neighborhood Goodwill, not that there is anything wrong with that. Today all you need is a smartphone and an open mind. A GREAT place to shop for your 10-18 year old is Poshmark. Granted this site is only for women’s clothing, you can still save a ton.

What is Poshmark?

It’s a website (primarily a smartphone app) where people can sell women’s clothes and accessories, both new and used, to other interested people at a fraction of the cost. No more do you need to look through racks, simply type in the keywords for items you are looking for and you can find almost anything you would find at your local mall -likely for a much lower price. There are hundreds of brands listed and thousands of sellers looking to fill your closet with clothing and accessories for cheap. You can sign up today with this code PNKSA and get a $5 credit, to at least cover credit on an order.

With Poshmark, if there is an item that you love and don’t really want to pay the asking price you can make offers on items that you are interested in, within reason, and if the seller accepts your offer you may walk away with a pair of American Eagle Outfitters jeans for $15 compared to the $50 you would have spent in the store. If the seller drops the price you can also get discounted shipping (usually $5). If one seller has multiple items for sale there is a feature that will allow you to get a discount for purchasing more than one item at a 10% or more discount.

What Can You Find?

On Poshmark there are a number of items for your child that would be perfect for school, a number of your people sell on the site, as well as other folks with a very diverse closet. If you child is interested in Lilly Pulitzer or Anthropologie this is the way to introduce them to those stores. Looking for a pair of Vans or Cole Haan shoes, you’ll find them as well.

There are daily sales, which rotate brands and styles so you can easily filter through the types of items you are looking for. Seriously, there are tons of brands from Forever 21 to Chanel. With you account you can look for a Golden State Warriors t-shirt and then a pair of Miss Me jeans with a few clicks. You honestly can’t go wrong looking here, even if you just want to use it as a look book.

There are great deals to be had, like ASOS dresses for less than $10 and Urban Outfitters tops for about the same price. Considering the fact that you would spend well above that in store or not find what you are looking for in your size, it doesn’t hurt to check it out.

Give it a try!

There is no harm in downloading an app and this is one that may easily become an addiction. Not only can you buy items, but you can sell items that other women (or teens) might enjoy as well. The best that can come from it is finding a dozen garments for less than $50 including shipping , the worst is that you only find one or two items that were half off retail. Remember, if you decide to try Poshmark out be sure to use PNKSA as a code and get a $5 credit. Happy Poshing!!

My 1st 50K & Burning Man Ramblings

Oh gosh!!! It’s been far to long and updates are definitely in order, (this is now a moot point as I have skipped this post and am now backtracking) especially on the running front as that is what has become of my life (I believe this still holds true). I forgot how much I missed running until it became my evening routine after being tucked away for over a decade.

As usual I made my way to Burning Man, I love that place and I can’t think of many other places I would enjoy returning to for almost two weeks annually. This year I decided to do two things while I was there:

  1. Run the 4th Burning Man Ultramarathon, it’s a 50k.
  2. Get married.

Both of these were things I haven’t done before and they were also among the infinite number of things I knew I could do on the playa. For some strange reason I also thought it would be a great idea to do both of these on the same day. I would later regret that, well my body regretted it. Mentally, I am glad that I followed through on both!

The ultramarathon was great. A couple things to note:

  • Cherri Bomb is the Race Director
  • You get to run beside some kickass runners
  • It’s free! Instead you are asked to bring a gallon of water & a shareable snack/fuel
  • Cool 5am start
  • It’s a looped course – four loops and an out and back
  • It gets hot
  • Clothing is optional
  • You need to acquire a ticket to Burning Man
  • It’s Ah-May-Zing! (Don’t believe me, watch this video)

I planned to use this race as a long training run while prepping for my first marathon.  I barely made it to the start on time because I love sleep. Upon arrival I jumped in for the group photo before hearing that there was only two minutes until the start. DAMMIT. I needed to pee, badly. Start on time and hold it as long as possible or use the potty and tack the time on my run? I’m a Virgo, I stood among my fellow Burners and started at the sound of the …. I don’t remember what was used, it wasn’t a gun. Right?

Into the darkness we went for almost two hours, which is when the center of the solar system decides to rise above the mountains and naturally light the city that me and my camp light every night. Although the course is looped you do not see the same thing each time since you are at Burning Man and people, art cars/mutant vehicles and parties roam around day and night. As the sun beat down during the fourth loop I remember just wanting to finish. I hadn’t run more than 23 or so miles and I tired. Hours ticked by. I sorta forgot about my bladder. A few of my campmates knew I was running and it was nice to see them on the course as they were doing morning lantern pickup. Eventually the out and back came, I was pushing it as best as I could. There it was, the finish line. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. I was done. I finished my first 50k in 5:15:23, fourth female finisher and 21st overall, not shabby.

A friend, whom I met on the playa two years earlier, met me at the finish and let me sit on his bike as he pushed it back to my camp. Upon entering camp I was greeted by, “How was the run?,” to which I promptly responded that, “Dumbest idea ever.” (I’ve since forgotten the pain and plan on running it again.) Other than tired legs, one toenail felt like it was in bad shape. Thanks to one of our awesome doctors, Dr. Tink, I was bandaged and ready to go.

I should note that I forgot my running gear on the East Coast so I resorted to wearing new gear, it worked out, kinda. I ran in an old pair of Nike Shocks, shoes that I wore for three weeks while cleaning homes in Staten Island and Far Rockaway following Hurricane Sandy. The pain of wearing those shoes for 50 dusty kilometers was worth it.


I was slated to be married three hours later. TBC

Los Colores De Panama

As my flight prepared to land at Tocumen Airport I got my first glimpses of the red soil and a vivid green countryside. From the landscape to the people, everything in Panama appeared to be bright and full of life.There was color everywhere and I loved it.

Even the humidity being above 80% the entire time didn’t stop me from wanting to walk everywhere and take it all in. Of course I stopped to see the Panama Canal, explore the Parque Natural Metropolitano and wander through Albrook Mall. My deeper goal was to travel off the beaten path and find those hidden treasures. One of my first finds was a graffiti park near Escuela Santa Familia in Casco Viejo. The art may not compare to the works of Banksy or Nick Walker in some books, but it is beautiful, and the Pacific Ocean along the basketball court serves as a great contrast. The colors plastered on the surfaces also liven the school that it is adjacent to.

My second find in Casco Viejo were the homes. I should specify that although I liked all of the homes in the area I found that the older homes told a story. There was a contrast that was reminiscent of the tenement buildings during the early 20th century in New York City.  The buildings and its tenants were doing everything within their power to withstand the changes around them that would eventually force them out of their homes. In Casco Viejo you see banners on the streets opposing the gentrification that is pushing out the people that have inhabited this seawall peninsula for ages. Some mention that it is somewhat unsafe in Casco Viejo at night, but it is also worth noting that the President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, resides there. It’s just as safe as wandering around Paris, Brooklyn, Chicago, or Fes; simply use common sense.

My favorite treat was the cab ride from the Panama Canal. The driver took a shortcut through El Chorrillo, which has been documented as an impoverished neighborhood. Its history includes canal workers, Manuel Noriega, the US’  Just Cause invasion in 1989 and Roberto Duran. I stuck my cameras lens out to capture the streets  we were passing through without thinking and I’m glad that I was able to capture a part of Panama that will inevitably go through the same changes that are happening in Casco Viejo.

Cab rides for only a few dollars, ropa vieja meals for just about the same price and the Panamanian version of Walmart, El Machetazo. This city will give you a lot of bang for your buck. I equally enjoyed walking and shopping along Avenida Central in Santa Ana. If it weren’t for the humidity and lack of a winter season I would consider making Panama more of a mainstay. That and the fact that there is a clear obsession with American fast food chains, but with some effort you can find a fonda and enjoy an authentic Panamanian dish. I would recommend anyone interested in exploring Panama City to go for it, there’s more to this city than just the Panama Canal.

#45 – Run A Half Marathon

I’m not sure why I chose the Rutgers Unite race, but I figured it was as good as any race to run. After a little over four months of training I finally stood at the start line of my first half marathon, but not as prepared as I had expected. The morning started out like an episode of The Twilight Zone. I didn’t have a ride to the start, I hadn’t eaten an actual breakfast and finally, I realized I still had my pants on after I left my stuff with bag check.

As I made it to bag check I heard the one minute warning. Three seconds before the actual start I was trying to push myself up towards my corral all while pinning my bib to my pants and then realizing they would eventually annoy me. Just as the race started I got my pants off, tossed them (they are now at some donation site in New Jersey), and began in the 10:00min pace corral while re-pinning my bib and Gu Chomps. To add to this I forgot to apply Bodyglide to my thighs, which I regretted after Mile 4, and I had to run with cellphone to access my music. Could anything else go wrong?  Maybe. Around Mile 8 I scored a Banana Hammer Gel, but held out for almost a mile before I downed. At Mile 9 it began to drizzle. Thankfully the case on my phone kept it from getting wet, but my new headphones were going in and out. The race ended well, minus the fact that there is a decent incline before you make it across the finish line.

There were definitely more hills and inclines than I was told. When I asked at the expo they  reiterated that the course was indeed flat. A few friends agreed with my assessment so I knew I wasn’t crazy. My overall goal was anywhere between 1:45-1:59 and I’m glad I stayed within that range. My official time was 1:54:06.5 and while it may not get me into the Boston Marathon, I’m proud of that being my time on my first half marathon. Would I run another half or try a full, I can’t say one way or another, but I respect anyone that does! I think I’ll do a few 10k events before I consider another half.

Learning to Knit

I recently joined Elfster in order to participate in a few secret gift exchanges. After creating my profile I was prompted to select items on a “wishlist” so I could give my “Elf” suggestions on items I wanted. At that point I drew a huge blank, what do I want? I generally don’t like asking for gifts so this was going to be a tough one. I tried thinking outside the generic sweater and gift card requests and then it hit me.. I’m going to learn how to knit!

I put a learn to knit kit and yarn on my list and figured I was done. No need to send my elf on a wild goose chase to find something that I might like. I thought about the fact that I now needed to wait four weeks to take on this take, hell no! Being the typical Virgo I headed to Michael’s and chatted up a few women that were in the yarn area. I walked out with four sets of needles, a ton of yarn, and the idea that I would figure this all out thanks to some Youtube videos.

Three weeks later, I have definitely take a liking to knitting. I created a scarf that I think looks pretty good, people have definitely complimented on it, a hat that needs a little work, and I am starting on a cowl. I definitely enjoy it so far. I do plan on getting circular needles, they ended up on my wishlist en lieu of the learn to knit kit. Let’s hope I get those needles and I can keep this hobby up.


Ramadan Mubarak

Oh me, oh my… where do I begin….this is my 2nd year fasting for Ramadan. This 1st week of fasting hasn’t been so bad, it’s slowly becoming easier to fast although it is still hard to handle all the other aspects of Ramadan. One reason I actually began fasting was when a friend mentioned the idea of me fasting with her. I got so much of it last year that I am again fasting this year. I have also taken on reading the Quran.

In addition to simply fasting I have learned that I should focus on the betterment of myself as well as helping others. Being more patient has been a task I am constantly working on, but I push myself to try harder, especially during this time. I understand the importance of patience and humility, and I hope to work to better incorporate them into my everyday living.

I’m currently on the 4th Surah and I have to say the Quran is something I think all people should take the time to read. Even if it is not for religious purposes, to have an understanding for another religion and/or way of life is something we should all invest time into. I think people would be surprised at the amount of similarities their religion has with Islam.

I look forward to the next 25 days of fasting; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Similar to last year I will be celebrating my birthday during the holy month and having my dinner party/iftar with friends. I also look forward to hosting iftar for my friends so that we can enjoy it together.

Ramadan Mubarak to all those fasting this year!

10 tips to remember before setting out: Backpacking 101

Everyone will likely go on a trip and everyone has their own idea as to what are the best items to take along with them. After stopping through 16 countries and half of the US later I

A stack of luggage on the bus to Ao Nang.

think I may have started to get the hang of packing for a trip. When I fly, even if it’s for a destination wedding, I carry my 56L pack as a carry-on and a personal bag that I tend to use as a day bag.

Here are a few things that I found make traveling a little easier, hopefully others will find it useful as well.

10. Put your favorite music/movies on your ipod. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the bus or at an airport with nothing to do expect stare out of a window into darkness. You may even end up at a party or meet someone that you can share the tunes that are playing on all the airwaves back home. Don’t forget your charger.

9. Contact your bank/credit card companies. Nothing could be worse than running out of funds or needing to book an emergency flight only to have your transaction declined. It may be wiser to carry a credit card rather than a bank/debit card due to the fact that all your funds will not be compromised in case you lose it while backing through India. Personally, I carry a card for emergencies only.
8. Map out an itinerary. Whether you printed out a few general maps or have taken a highlighter to your brand new guidebook you should def make note of things you must check out during your travels. It’s best to leave some leeway for changing plans in case you find some hidden treasure that you must check out.
7. Make copies of all your documentation. Make a couple copies of your license, passport, and debit/credit cards. Keep a copy tucked away in your luggage, e-mail yourself a copy, and leave a copy with a trusted friend or family member back home. If you lose your original, you can begin the process to recovering your information and protecting yourself.
6. Carry extra passport sized photos. When crossing borders and applying for visas you will likely need one or two passport sized photos. Rather than pay the a few bucks for a couple photos you can use a program like: ePassport Photos to load a photo and print at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade for less than a $1 for five photos, it’s a great bargain. I have used this service and traveled with the photos in several countries with no problem.
5. Don’t take valuables. Although you may cherish your class ring or favorite diamond studs and can’t imagine going anywhere without the items on this may be the time to rethink leaving home with them. If you lose either while swimming off the coast of Australia it will set you back a lot more financially compared to forgetting a “Go Bulls!” t-shirt in the guesthouse you were staying at.  Consider carrying a cheaper alternative in regards to jewelery and expensive clothing options in case something does go missing.
4. Tell your friends and family. Be sure to let your friends and family know that you will be away. Whether you plan on blogging your journey or occasionally calling them via Skype be sure to share the information with them. You would hate for them to ignore your call because a strange number showed up on the caller id.
3. Pack cash and traveler’s cheques. In most parts of the world, cash is king! There is no reason to rely on your cards when you face 2-10% charges each time a charge is processed. Not to mention the chance of your card

$100 worth of kyat

being duplicated or overcharged. Crisp $100 bills and a few smaller notes go far in most parts of the world. Traveler’s cheques tend to provide added security as they can be replaced withing 48 hours, as long as you have not signed both signature blocks and you can provide the cheque numbers that were lost. The $1-2 charge for cashing a traveler’s cheque is reasonable when you factor in the potential for recovering the funds quickly.

2. Pack something fun. Whether it’s a pack of cards, a rockband video game guitar, or a rubber duckie you take to the bar with you on a leash. On one of my most recent trips I took a bunch of NYC Condoms that I would give to people I met along the way. It was something that was unique to where I was from and it also promotes safety!
1. Repack your backpack. You probably only need 50% of the items that you have packed in your bag initially. Many items can be purchased while you are traveling. In most countries you can purchase travel sized toiletries

7 countries into my trip...56L with room to spare.

for a fraction of what they cost in the US and most of Europe. Sunglasses, plain t-shirts and towels can also be had for cheap in most developing nations and you may bring back some interesting items that may or may not work where you’re from but they may make for cool costume accessories. You will also have space to bring back souvenirs that you bought for friends and family along the way.
Of course, no one list works for everyone but this should provide most people with a start to what to do in addition to practical things like turning everything in your house off, auto-paying your bills, stopping mail if no one can check your mail for you, and checking out cellular options while you are away.

Can I Slope? Yes you can!

Before heading up to Libe Slope

How do you describe something so great? For the average attendee it was just another concert with beer flowing from the Budweiser trucks for five hours. Sprinkle in a great group of friends and a couple additional ounces of alcohol and you’ve got so much more!

Slope 2010 was my initiation into the world of Cornell University and

Got my ticket!

Ithaca, NY. I was lucky enough to find someone who had a spare alumnus ticket at, I paid $25 for it and I was off with my group of friends over the bridge to make it to Libe Slope for a day of fun in the sun.

Slope Day had humble beginnings in the late 19th century but transitioned to something completely different recently by limiting access to the Libe Slope and Ho Plaza to ticketed guests, volunteers providing guests with complementary bottled water, and even food and beverages being sold with restrictions barring attendees from bringing such items beyond the entrance gates. Live performances were also another thing to be reinstated.  This year k-os, Francis & The Lights, and Drake provided great entertainment to all those that made it to the stage.

Drake perfoming at Slope Day 2010

The rest of the evening and weekend continued on with the same theme; drinks and parties to be had. One pleasant, yet unexpected, surprise for me was the flurries that closed out Saturday evening. Although I don’t think many would agree in that aspect.

Overall Slope Day was an amazing experience in which I was able to not only enjoy the concerts and functions that occurred during the weekend but take in the natural beauty of Ithaca, NY. I would definitely suggest anyone still in the 20’s to give Slope Day a shot and if not at least check out the scenic town tucked four hours away from New York City. Be sure to sleep before your arrival, you won’t find time to fit it into youschedule once you arrive!

A taste of Ithaca's beauty

I once had a farm…I was a Farmville Addict!

Bye-Bye Farm

It all started with a Pomegranate Tree in my Requests on Facebook and overnight I became one of the 23 million fans (and farmers) of Farmville. I spent my time figuring out which crops would be optimal for me to have a seemingly normal day only to rush to the nearest computer to make sure I harvested my crops before they withered!

As sad as this sounds, I know I was not alone. My friends and I would speak freely at events and over meals about our crops and what we were planning to purchase for our ‘farms.’ We would sms each other with requests for specific items to complete a project. Sometimes we were even able to get other unsuspecting friends to join the darkside, which is Farmville.

Luckily for me I made a promise to myself that if I reached a personal goal, raising at least $300 for March for Babies in remembrance of my niece. With the help of great friends and family I was able to surpass my goal and I kept up my end of the deal.

Like over 4 million other ‘farmers’, I decided to kick the habit and get rid of my farm. It’s been almost a month since I have seen my farm and I do not miss it because I know it was in my best interests to do so. Many of my friends are still ‘farmers’, I still get requests in my inbox but I made a promise to myself and I’m sticking to it, if not for myself its for my niece so I can spend time thinking about her rather than my crops and animals.