How To Fly On A Snowboard

Apparently it’s much easier than I expected. All you’ve got to do is:

1. Grab all your snowboarding gear
2. Jump on a chopper to the top of an untouched snow-covered mountain
3. Put your board on
4. Fly back down the slopes like your name is Travis Rice.

I mean, thanks to ‘The Art of Flight‘ film this is what I now believe. Of course this is about snowboarding, an area in which I know nothing.

I initially got word of the film via Klout Perks and was lucky enough to be eligible for the deal. There was no reason not to go to the World Premiere of a movie that was 99.9% more likely to be better than anything starring Jennifer Lopez.

I would assume I was part of the minority at this premiere. Everyone knew about skating and snowboarding (I can’t ride a skateboard either). The woman next to me asked me, ‘How many times have you watched the trailer?’ Maybe once? In actuality I hadn’t watched it at all and I think I was glad that I hadn’t. I enjoyed the film so much more not knowing a thing about the movie or what to expect. As each rider was introduced people were cheering like we were watching the Superbowl. If a packed out Beacon Theatre can be this excited for this film then it must be better than any film starring Jennifer Lopez.

The film was awesome. The riders definitely made it interesting and did things that I would have never encompassed as tricks that snowboarders would do. The film lit a fire and I now genuinely believe that I can ride a slope just like the guys I saw in the film. Thankfully they prefaced the movie with, ‘Don’t try this at home,’ or I just may have!

If you haven’t seen the film you should see it. If you have never been snowboarding you should definitely see it. If you hate snowboard you should still see it.

If you happen to see me on any slopes this winter just watch out, I don’t know what I’m doing!

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