Indiana State Fair Stage Collapses, At Least 4 Dead

Most concert-goers have been to their fair share of festival style concerts. The temporary stages are set up for a few days and revelers come from near and far to hear tunes from their favorite artist(s), or at least enjoy free tickets they may have won on the radio. Sadly, what started as a great evening turned disastrous in front of at least 10,000 people attending the Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair.

Just after Sara Bareilles performed an opening act the Capt. Brad Weaver warned of severe weather in the area. There were instructions given in case an evacuation became necessary.  Around 10pm EST the weather worsened and winds picked up, causing the entire outdoor stage rigging to fail thus bringing down the entire stage on stage crew and guests seated near the front of the stage. Since its initial reporting, there have been at least four confirmed deaths and almost 50 injures attributed to the stage collapse, which pinned many people under the tangle of metal stage rigging.

(This clear video shows the collapse from a distance)

Sugarland has tweeted a message to their fans. We can only hope that there are no further injures or deaths related to this tragic Indiana State incident.

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