Marriage Equality In New York

Today started the first of what will be a new wave of marriage certificate applicants in New York state. Soon to be newlyweds lined up along Centre Street in lower Manhattan in the early hours of the morning in hopes of being among the first few of the 800+ couples that entered a lottery enabling them to marry today. Over 2000 couples registered for the lottery throughout the five boroughs. Throughout next week City Clerk’s offices will also be open for an extra two hours.

Among those lucky couples were Perin  Hurewitz and Harriet Kirk, who were married in Canada and can now legally get married in New York. They opted to forgo the tradition ceremony and have a civil ceremony following the receipt of their certificate. Throughout the area there were people of all faiths and races there to celebrate one thing, equality. You could feel the sense of unity in the air, not even the 90 degree temperature didn’t stop thousands of people from joining in the celebratory energy.

Another couple that recently celebrated their soon-to-be marriage with a joint bachelorette

party had their ceremony officiated by Rev. Pat Bumgardner, one of NYC Pride’s 2011 Grand Marshals. Lt. Dan Choi served as the Maid of Honor and unofficial ring bearer. The union of Jeanette Coleman and Kawane Harris brings them one step closer to the full equality that they both hope to eventually enjoy. Jeanette would like to re-enlist in the Army, but DOMA keeps her wish from coming to fruition.

Happy Marriage Equality!

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