Bronx Woman Murdered, Boyfriend Commits Suicide

There shouldn’t be a sadder ending to a story than finding out that a loved one has passed away. Well that is what happened to one Bronx woman who went missing almost two weeks ago, on June 12th. Sadder still is the fact that her body was left in a park and set ablaze.

Jasmine Nunez was reported missing by family members last weekend. She was last seen with her boyfriend, Andres Ceballos. With her disconnected phone number and no activity on any social media accounts there was little to go off of. Then there was a 911 call reporting a brush fire that led police to  a body  in James Baird Park, Dutchess County. Jasmine’s sister, Melanie, spoke to Andre and quoted her as saying that, “I talked to him the day after she was found. He sounded so calm.” Only recently was the body found at the park tentatively identified as Jasmine Nunez. Details leading up to her murder and body being set ablaze are still sketchy and the incidents leading up to her untimely death are still being investigated.

Nunez’s boyfriend was seen in the Washington, D.C. area after her disappearance and police eventually caught up with him, pulling him over on Route 58 near Emporia, VA. At this point a pursuit occurred when lead to a foot chase in where Ceballos took his own life before police could catch up to him.

The family of Nunez believes she was a victim of domestic violence. She would have been 23 next week.

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