My 52 Week Photography Project

It’s so passé to start things like this at the start of a new year, so why not start it now. I’ve tried long and hard, well maybe not so long, to find a compilation of 52 week photography project themes. I did find one site that offered some ideas. I figure this would be a good compromise between a monthly themed project, which I am currently doing with a few others.

With that said, here is my list (and Flickr group):

(May 1, 2011) 1- Green
2- Expressions
3- Windows
4- Technology
5- Celebrations
6- Balloons
7- Jewelry
8- Pride
9- Sunset
10- Flags
11- Food
12- Animals
13- Motion
14- Light
15- Tattoos
16- Art
17- Summer/Heat
18- Burning Man (Festivals)
19- Happiness
20- Framed
21- Books
22- Money
23- From Above (looking down)
24- Love
25- Hats
26- Sepia
27- Patterns
28- Signs
30- Cultural
31- Darkness
32- Bokeh
33- Shoes
34- Music (Or a song described in a shot)
35- Friends/Family
36- Newness
37- Up Close
38- Framed
39- Words
40- Body Parts
50- Plants/Flowers
51- Family
52- Abstract

I’m excited to embark on this journey and I hope that starting it will get me to bring my camera out more often. Here I go!!! (And yes, I do love lists!)

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