Looking For A Place To Go!

It wasn’t even a month ago that I took a long weekend trip to Paris, thanks to Iberia Airlines and an amazing deal that I found. That has prompted me to make sure that ever spare moment I have will be spent traveling somewhere new. Well it won’t all be new, I do plan on making trips to places I have been to time and time again. Looking for a great deal right now is my current mission, but the greater mission is deciding where to go!

I think I have pretty much narrowed it down to Eastern Europe unless some ticket to Uruguay or Chile pops up for $600. My only real goal is to be somewhere else. I can’t fathom how someone could turn down the opportunity to travel when it arises. Would it be nice to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday? Sure it would, but the travel bug has burrowed inside of me and I can’t seem to shake it!

As of now I am juggling a few ideas, although I am open to any country I haven’t been to before. It seems as though Istanbul, Prague and Budapest are pretty high on my list so far. I’ve gotten suggestions to check out Marcolla (Spain) and Dubrovnik (Croatia) but I’m not even sure how to get to those places.  What to do, where to go, what to see. I definitely have come to the realization that I live to travel.

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