My Love For Snowpocalypse

How much do I love snow? Let me count the ways. I definitely have a pep in my step when it comes to weather forecasts showing a 50% chance of snow. The past two weeks in New York were a particularly happy time for me. This is taking into consideration the fact that most trains were not running and I had to suddenly shell out $104 for a monthly metrocard. Most people assume that I am only happy about the snow because I don’t drive in NYC and I don’t have a sidewalk or driveway to shove. Au contraire, I like to shovel as well.

After helping a friend shovel during our Christmas Weekend Snowpocalypse I tried to take a bus to my place. The #FailWhale showed his face and then I begin a trek to my train station. My walk was interesting to say the least. Although some people definitely showed little regard for their fellow human by speeding down streets in the heavy snow there were others out singing as they trudged home.

Snowpocalypse De. 2010

Two days later the snow was definitely in a less┬ádesirable┬ástate. I am keeping hope alive that the wintry mix forecast for next week changes to a total whiteout, you should too! For those that truly despise the snow and wish it wouldn’t snow in the Northeast, my suggestion is to move to the Caribbean, it’s bound to snow eventually up here.


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