Learning to Knit

I recently joined Elfster in order to participate in a few secret gift exchanges. After creating my profile I was prompted to select items on a “wishlist” so I could give my “Elf” suggestions on items I wanted. At that point I drew a huge blank, what do I want? I generally don’t like asking for gifts so this was going to be a tough one. I tried thinking outside the generic sweater and gift card requests and then it hit me.. I’m going to learn how to knit!

I put a learn to knit kit and yarn on my list and figured I was done. No need to send my elf on a wild goose chase to find something that I might like. I thought about the fact that I now needed to wait four weeks to take on this take, hell no! Being the typical Virgo I headed to Michael’s and chatted up a few women that were in the yarn area. I walked out with four sets of needles, a ton of yarn, and the idea that I would figure this all out thanks to some Youtube videos.

Three weeks later, I have definitely take a liking to knitting. I created a scarf that I think looks pretty good, people have definitely complimented on it, a hat that needs a little work, and I am starting on a cowl. I definitely enjoy it so far. I do plan on getting circular needles, they ended up on my wishlist en┬álieu of the learn to knit kit. Let’s hope I get those needles and I can keep this hobby up.


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