Gay Today

I couldn’t think of a really catchy title but I also wanted to address quite a few things in my post, as I fight off the urge to reheat more of the pad thai I haphazardly made last night. Right after Halloween I had a friend share a blog posting about a little boy who wanted to dress up as Daphne for Halloween. I also received a Google Alert regarding an organization for gays in Morocco. Lastly I attended a conference for Pride organizers around the world, InterPride Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Long Beach, California.

At the AGM I met a bunch of people from around the world as well as saw what this organization was trying to do. Being there for the first time made me what to further my commitment to the global LGBT community. Although the community in the U.S. is not afforded full equality we still enjoy much more freedom than many others within our global community.  Hearing from individuals in Bulgaria and India about struggles they endure just to celebrate their diversity speaks volumes to me.  Another aspect was the lack of international involvement from groups in South America, Asia, and Africa. I want to help these people with their struggle somehow.

When I received the alert about the organization, Kif Kif, in Morocco that is working to organization for the equality of its LGBT countrymen that was like receiving a glimmer of hope that there is the potential that a religiously run country may potentially be accepting, in some manner, of things that may be in contrast to their beliefs.  I hope that their organization will have a lasting impact within Morocco, Africa, and the Muslim world as a whole.

So I’m not sure how much this story has been blasted but I must applause the mother who allowed her son to wear the costume of his choice. It’s similar to forcing a child into a field of study or sport that they do not enjoy. Isn’t that what being a parent is about, affording your child some freedom as long as it does not affect their wellbeing? I mean parents allow their children to be Jason and Freddy Kruger who are killers, how is that any better than letting a boy be the enthusiastic character known as Daphne (after he had already been Scooby).  Would it have been better if a daughter asked to be Spiderman or Scooby? What should be called into question is the way the mothers in the story reacted.

In all there have been strides made within the LGBT movement but there is so much more globally and locally that needs to be done to ensure the safety of over ever-growing diverse community. We don’t need to approve of everyone’s lifestyle but everyone should be able to live freely if it is not directly affecting others in a detrimental manner. If I don’t agree with polygamy that doesn’t mean others can’t practice it just as I may not agree with a vegan lifestyle but if someone chooses a specific dietary lifestyle that works for them then so be it.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

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