Oktoberfest And The Herriman Fire In Utah

When I think of Utah the first thing that comes to mind is the Mormon Church, not Oktoberfest, beer drinking pirates, and Oktoberfest. I was able to enjoy all of that and more. My host arranged to pick me up with a friend of hers and headed over to her place on the east side of Salt Lake City. My hosts boyfriend mad an awesome, spicy quinua and rice dish that I had inside a wheat tortilla. The evening started quietly as we met up with my hosts friend for a little get together at her house north of the temple before walking a few blocks down to a crazy little house party full of interesting people. We stayed out until the wee hours over the morning before crawling into our beds and snoozing parts of the morning away.
My only item listed on my to do list was to check out, unsurprisingly, to see the Mormon Temple. Thankfully my hosts went with me and we did an express tour, with Deanne, to check out the auditorium and the roof. The auditorium has an organ with over 700 pipes and seats 21,000 people. It was also pretty cool to know that there is an unobstructed view from every seat because it was built without any interior support columns. We passed through a few halls dotted with original artwork and photos of Apostles from the past and present. The roof, which houses a garden, provides really nice views of the city as well as the other church related buildings which surround it. I found it funny that although the Mormon Church paid into the Prop 8 campaign nobody said anything about my rainbow bracelet, maybe they don’t know what it means. =] The temple, which can’t be entered by many people, took 40 years to build and was completed on April 6, 1893. After our stint at around the temple we headed up to Snowbird Resort, which was hosting Oktoberfest. On the way up I noticed what could have been a controlled burn on the other side of the valley but my hosts boyfriend said that was not common, you couldn’t see much from that great of a distance so I brushed it off. Bier and bratwurst were on order once we arrived and the weather was perfect, making for a great way to continue the day. Pumpkin Ale was on tap, which made me a happy camper.
I turned out that National Speak Like A Pirate Day had arrived so there were a bunch of people planning to meet up at a local spot called Bayou and grab a few bites and a few drinks before taking the shenanigans on the road, leaving behind a pirate map for any pirates that showed up after the captain moved the crew along. We jumped ship after everyone settled their bill at the first stop. As we were leaving my hosts boyfriend got a call from his cousin about a fire in Herriman, which was were I had seen the smoke earlier. He called his old roommate and they allowed us to come over, their apartment is on the side of a mountain and they had a clear view across the valley and had been watching the fire. From almost 30 miles away we could see balls of red lights engulfing the mountain in which it had started on. After a couple of hours we headed back to the apartment and started watching movies until we all became a bit too tired and went to bed.
My flight was at a decent time in the morning and after my host was dropped off at work I was dropped off at the airport. Another amazing couchsurfing experience and another great time in a new city and state. Now I’m off to experience more of the wild west and specifically the Pacific Northwest. This trip is going too fast but I love it.

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