A Pitstop In The Mile High City

I only had a bit over 24 hours to check out Colorado via the Denver Airport.

My initial plans were to go to the US Mint, the Coors Brewery, and the first Chipotle location. I didn’t end up doing any of these things but I feel like I had a great time in Colorado and my experience, although short, was totally worth it. I arrived in the on the late night flight and was picked up and out of the airport shortly after. My host during my time in town had two visitors from France that were traveling around the US for a few weeks. We sat around and chatted for a few hours and decided we would make a day trip out to Estes Park and check out the brewery and potato bag slide there.

All up and packed into the car we made our way towards the highway for Este Park. Taking back roads due to traffic we actually ended up in more traffic in the middle of a weekday. We couldn’t figure it out until we were a bit closer to Coors Field, I made mention of the daytime game being a plausible reason for the added traffic and we all agreed. Shortly after passing the ballpark the road cleared up and we were well on our way toward the mountains via a scenic route through Boulder. The terrain was beautiful and I can only imagine how it looks with the turning of the leaves. Sadly, when we arrived the potato bag slide (but it only costs $1!). Thankfully the Estes Park Brewery right behind it was open for business. They have  six beers on tap that you can try before checking out beers on tap that you can try before checking their

brewery. They do not offer an official tour, but you can look over to see the operation as you head upstairs to the restaurant that occupies the second floor. Their bottling line fills four bottles at a time. The four of us opted for buffalo burgers and chatted while admiring the beauty that surrounded us. On the way back there was a cute winery near the town of Lyons that we popped into that offers a tasting of five wines for about $3.00. The British woman there was a pleasure and offered a lot information about the winery and upcoming plans in addition to information about the wines they sell.

Our plans for the night were to have dinner made by my host’s roommate. We stopped by the local grocery story to pick up additional items in order to make what turned out to be a great apple chicken chutney salad with some toasted french bread. We enjoyed dinner out in the backyard joined by a few clouds and a soft breeze. I washed my meal down with a nice Boulevard pumpkin ale. Back inside we hemmed and hawed about what we would do for the next few hours before I had to board a very late night flight back to the East Coast. Bonnie Brae Ice Cream Shop came up as an option and thanks to their Facebook page we knew we had 30 minutes to make the 10 minute commute to the shop. Once we arrived we saw that all the lights were out and the staff were on their way out the door. Apparently their summer hours have ended but they have not updated their information to reflected the changes. So now we are back to square one and decide that we are going to head downtown to meet up with some friends of my host. Upon arrival we noticed that the bar/restaurant was a bit more upscale that we were looking for so we headed down to the bar on the corner which was advertising $2.00 PBR cans. Dueling Pianos turned out to be a fun time and a way for us to enjoy one last beverage together before I made my grand exit.

I hope to visit Denver again and this time for a few days rather than a few dozen hours.

My final act before I boarded my flight was realizing that I left my hoodie in my hosts car. Lucky for me the two frenchmen that were staying at her house as well are driving to California and will be in the same areas as I will around the same time. Now my hoodie is taking a great American road trip from Colorado to California without my supervision. I hope its having a great time along the way and I look forward to being reunited with it in the coming weeks.

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