Who Dat in Nawlins?

I have to say that I have an affinity for accents, even the ones that some people abhor. In addition I haven’t been to the deep south in a while and I almost forgot for a moment that these cities tend to be very humid. I also somehow missed the memo that you can drink 24 hours a day in and on the streets on New Orleans. That puts a lot in a different light.

I couchsurfed while in NOLA and had the pleasure of staying on the other side of the Mississippi in Algiers, a great little area along the river. My host was amazing and showed my some great little  spots to hang out in my short time there. I figured I couldn’t leave without at least trying authentic gumbo so I went over to the Gumbo Shop on St. Peters for my very first bowl. It was definitely good and at a decent price.

The Saints are a godsend for this city that was ravished by Katrina just over five years ago. You can still find subtle reminders while simultaneously seeing the progress that has been made by its individuals. I was caught off guard by all the love for the city that is still obviously in despair.  Not to mention the people in NOLA know how to party and you can do it 24/7 here!

I plan to visit New Orleans again, not likely to watch the Saints play unless it’s against the Patriots but the LSU/Ole Miss rivalry might get me to make a trip! This is a place you have to really experience to truly enjoy, that experience must be beyond Bourbon St. The people are amazing, friendly, and smiling…something that you have to admire.

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