A Day In Beantown

Firstly, I love Mass. I would consider it as one of the few places I would consider retiring. I’m not saying that because I’m from there but because it’s a city filled with so much history and culture, not to mention its home to the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics!

Its been a while since I’ve visited Boston so I was excited to line it up as my second destination. The timing was also great in that I was going to my first ball game at Fenway Park! I mean its Fenway, a ball park which has stood the test of time. Granted there have been upgrades to the park twice since it was built but it hasn’t been torn down and reconstructed like other ball parks. I also decided to have my first go at couchsurfing in the states. I’ve hosted people and I have surfed in Asia but I have never formally surfed in the U.S. This was going to be a great, although short, trip.

After arriving and meeting up with my host I decided to be extroverted, although still during Ramadan, and meet up with other AYCJ’ers at the Oyster Union Bar. After lunch we walked along the Freedom trail, look for a red brick and/or painted path around parts of historic Boston. Some stops on the train were interesting while others were not so much. More chatting and fun washad up until we made it to Fenway, scored free entry for one person in our party that didn’t have aticket. The highlight of the game was getting to sit a bit past 1st base, three rows from the field! A perk when you consider the fact that I had a $18 bleacher ticket. My second afternoon was more about getting a bit more acquainted with the city. I stopped by the Cheers bar, a few parks, and the Granary cemetery in the time I had left.

One of the things I truly enjoy about Boston is that its residents are truly hometown fan. I like to state that there are TWO Boston bars in NYC but there are NO NYC bars in Boston. When I spoke to a Boston cop at Fenway he mentioned that for many years you had to be from Boston to be a Boston cop. Bostonians and their transplants love their city and it shows. I hope to check out a Patriots game one day at Foxborough but for now I’m content with having made it to Fenway and the Garden.

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