AYCJ to Buffalo, NY

September 7th started off very early for me, I headed of out the infamous T5 bright and early. Jetblue’s JFK terminal is a land of happiness and joy for many travelers with the start of Jetblue’s 2nd All You Can Jet pass promotion. I’ve finally calculated all my travels and I will be flying over 21,300 miles this month, can we say exciting!

Before 8:00am I was already in Buffalo, NY and en route to

Niagara Falls the first time. With about seven hours to see as much of Buffalo as I can with not much more than a bus pass ($4) and my camera I set off. I couldn’t walk across the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side, which I hear offers a more scenic view, because I am currently without my lost passport. While on the bus to the Falls I was speaking with the bus driver and she mentioned Buffalo’s City Hall as a place to check out that was also decently priced, read free. The 28th Floor houses an observation deck that offers great views of the city, you can actually see all the way to Canada. Right in front of City Hall there is the McKinley monument, in the memory of the 25th President, who was shot and assassinated in Buffalo. President Fillmore, the 13th President, is buried in Buffalo and there is a statue alongside City Hall in his likeness.

I had heard things about the Grain Elevators although there wasn’t much that I could find as far as actually visiting these relics. I was able to snap a few photos from across the canal. Apparently Cheerios are manufactured in Buffalo but I wasn’t around to smell them. Thanks to the train system in Buffalo, which offers a fair free zone, I was able to go from Erie Canal area to Anchor Bar. This was my last stop before I headed back to the airport and back home. I wasn’t able to justify spending $11 for 10 wings but it was nice to check out the places that holds the title of being the birth of the buffalo (hot) wing.

I made it back to the airport just before 3:00pm, already having checked in, only to hear that the flight was going to be delayed for about an hour. I enjoyed Buffalo

during  my short stint there  and would recommend it to anyone looking for a little change of scenery from the busy city life. My first trip, even with the delays, was a good one and I look forward to the rest of my jetting with this year’s All You Can Jet pass. Next stop, Boston, MA!

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