It’s time to Net-Set-Jet

Being like many of excited Jetters that had the opportunity to become 2010 AYCJ pass class I have been hacking away at a potential itinerary that will allow me to take the utmost advantage of the 30 day unlimited flight pass. With only a few hours until I lay these plans down and make ’em official (I’m actually starting now) I have now taken on the arduous task of figuring out how long is long enough in each city, what to do while there to make the most of my time, and of course figuring out accommodations during each leg of my journey. Thanks to Clark Dever I may be able to make part of this planning a little easier with NetSetJet. This portal for all 2010 Jetters, many of whom were part of the inaugural pass class, plans to offer lots of the things people like me are looking for!

There are a few things I would hope to find on this site in addition to what is currently there. Of course I would love for it to answer my every waking question about flight itinerary schedules, how many times I will see the same flight crew, the best microbreweries in Seattle, or where I can catch great free concerts in the US. I’m sure there is a way to get some of those questions answered and I may not have all the answers but I would like to think that I have some decent ideas in my noggin!

1. Forums – They would be arranged by theme. The hard part would be deciding how much to segment each forum topic. Of course a forum search would be the first thing I ask for. I haven’t put too much thought into it but you could have topics such as:

A. Cities – To be used to talk about things regarding said city. This could include accommodations, restaurants, and things to do.

B. Flight Itineraries – People would be able to share their itineraries and get ideas from others for their potential itinerary.

C. Flight Partners – In addition to mapping out particular cities they will be traveling throughout the AYCJ 2010 season people would be able to link up with other AYCJers before they even get to the airport. I know there is foursquare, which is steadily growing in numbers of users, but you never know….its just a thought.

D. 2009 AYCJ Advice- Plain and simple, advice from 2009 AYCJers.

E. Packing – Whether its what you are packing in your carry-on or the cost checking in your surfboard there’s always advice to give ppl regarding packing. Sales on travel essentials such as day packs and netbooks are always great to pass on to your fellow traveler. Some people don’t even remember to carry copies of their passport in case you become the victim of a theft while out of the country.

F. Other/Misc. –  Items that don’t fit into the above categories would go here. I know I want to know which lenses I should definitely travel with while other people may feel it best to post about the killer sale all Holiday Inns are offering AYCJers with some special discount code. Shoot, maybe discount information may become its own forum, but then again maybe it doesn’t need to be.

2. A Calendar! – How cool would that be to know what is going on in each city. I am hemming and hawing over the idea of having a bunch of calendars for the 30 days of traveling where meet ups and group activities as well as things going on in each city. Actually I think that would be better than one big jumbled calendar! Of course items such as flights and birthdays, although important, don’t need to be added to such a large calendar but something like a Queer Night in Weho or the Final Meet Up in Las Vegas on Oct. 2nd would be things that should be included. This may also help others plan their itineraries. Maybe even a way to ‘rsvp’ or say that they are attending a particular event on the calendar.

3. Polls – They’re great to have for people to view and also fun to take, at least according to me. Anything from how many flights do you plan to take (1-3,4-9,10-19,20+), which snack to you enjoy most on flights, to which city in the US do you want to see Jetblue begin service to.

4.  Photo Gallery – I know there’s a flickr group, but not too many people use flickr and since many people will likely view this site more frequently. To limit the plethora of potential photos you can limit the number of uploads daily to four photos or whatever is deemed suitable for users.

5. Either an mailbox or way in which you can contact other users directly.

6. Volunteer Opportunities – This is for posting specific dates/times/places where AYCJers can spend some time foing something for others. I think its best being seperate from Forums and Calendars though. Maybe?

7. Useful Links – Whether its to Skype or StubHub I’m sure there are links that many jetters would find very helpful when trying to contact a friend or start up their very first blog.

This is what I came up with for now. I’m sure as soon as I publish this post I will think of at least one more item to add to this list, I am hoping that doesn’t happen but I think this is a decent list of features I would like to see on NetSetJet. Some of these may already been incorporated into the site, it has been a couple days since I last logged on so I may be a bit late. Regardless of what actually comes to fruition I look forward to becoming a contributor to the site. Now let’s get ready to jet!

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