Traveling is Love!

Jetblue has answered my prayers! Well not so much my prayers as my hope that they would bring back All-you-can-jet for a second year since I missed out last year. As soon as  I saw the first mention of it I dropped everything that I was doing and booked the 5’er (Any flights except Fri/Sun) pass. I feel like I just purchased an unlimited monthly metrocard.

I’m excited for August 23rd, probably more than September 7th, since that’s when you can begin booking your trip. I will be able to create an official draft of all the scribbling, messaging, and mental notes I’ve been making over the last few days. I believe I am being mildly ambitious in my itinerary although I would be able to book more but we will see how my initial days get started. I am looking forward to this because I will get to see family, friends, and places that I either haven’t seen/met or haven’t seen/been to in ages.  Another reason this is great, I get to check out 8 states that I haven’t been to before. This brings me a little closer to my #1 item on my bucket list, visiting all 50 states.

I’m hoping to check out cool vintage shops, amazing sites that deserve to be photographed (can’t be missed), cheap eats that only locals know about, and meeting awesome people that I can share my story (and hear theirs) with. Whether it’s a local snack that I’ve never heard of or thrift shop with the most amazing purse selection, I want to know about it!

I can’t wait to meet fellow travelers and photographers on this 30 day journey back and forth across America. I can’t wait to enjoy the next few weeks, thank you Jetblue!

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