Ramadan Mubarak

Oh me, oh my… where do I begin….this is my 2nd year fasting for Ramadan. This 1st week of fasting hasn’t been so bad, it’s slowly becoming easier to fast although it is still hard to handle all the other aspects of Ramadan. One reason I actually began fasting was when a friend mentioned the idea of me fasting with her. I got so much of it last year that I am again fasting this year. I have also taken on reading the Quran.

In addition to simply fasting I have learned that I should focus on the betterment of myself as well as helping others. Being more patient has been a task I am constantly working on, but I push myself to try harder, especially during this time. I understand the importance of patience and humility, and I hope to work to better incorporate them into my everyday living.

I’m currently on the 4th Surah and I have to say the Quran is something I think all people should take the time to read. Even if it is not for religious purposes, to have an understanding for another religion and/or way of life is something we should all invest time into. I think people would be surprised at the amount of similarities their religion has with Islam.

I look forward to the next 25 days of fasting; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Similar to last year I will be celebrating my birthday during the holy month and having my dinner party/iftar with friends. I also look forward to hosting iftar for my friends so that we can enjoy it together.

Ramadan Mubarak to all those fasting this year!

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