Why Am I Hiding?

So it’s been a while since I have blogged. I even wondered how I got to this point. I mean NYC Pride is over and July 4th has come and gone. I even made my way out to Texas for a conference and yet I didn’t blog. So I had to ask myself “what gives?” Have I already run out of things to talk about? NO WAY, there’s always something to talk about. Whatever the reason was, I think I’ve got it out of my system and I hope the only reason for my lack of writing to occur again is due to me exploring some remote piece of land without electronic communication for thousands of miles in any direction. I doubt that will happen, I mean I was even able to get on gmail and blog while in Burma (Myanmar) and we all know how lovely their government is.

I found a book the other day (another reason to love NYC), Cuckold by Kiran Nagarkar, a short 603 page book based on a 16th Century kingdom in India. I began reading yesterday and hope that I can complete the book by month’s end if I stick to reading on the train at a decent pace. It’s a pretty good book so far, the style of the author is rather enjoyable. What else, what else.. oh YEAH.. my camera has to be sent off to Canon. Apparently there is some electronic damage going on inside the viewfinder which I hope is easily corrected. We will see, I am gonna mail off my little girl Misty next week. I also need to reorder my passport that was stolen, I saw a flight to Nice, France for about $250 and I remember that traveling is something that I need to incorporate into my agenda again.

I think that is about it. Ramadan is approaching and I will be fasting this year, lucky me has a birthday during it again. So I will really celebrate after, in which I want to skydive. My mother went skydiving with my father for her birthday. Now I’m done. I will be back soon.

1 thought on “Why Am I Hiding?

  1. On the bright side you have the chance to gain many hasanat on your birthday (:

    haha, my birthdays been during Ramadan for awhile now, this will be the first time in awhile since it’s not.

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