My Bucket “Life” List

There are tons of things I would like to do in life and I love making lists so I figured making a “bucket” list would help me remember and keep track of how I am progressing through my list.

1. Travel to all 50 states
2. Travel to all 7 continents
3. Travel to 100 countries
4. Learn 3 spoken languages fluently
5. Go sky diving
6. Open a restaurant
7. Get full back piece
8. Give birth naturally
9. Send my parents on vacation
10. Buy a brownstone
11. Become Pres/Chair of a volunteer board
12. Learn to drive a motorcycle
13. See Aurora Borealis
14. Spend time in Alaska during long days/or nights
15. Build an igloo that fits more than two ppl
16. Go to Burning Man
17. Go base jumping
18. Volunteer as part of disaster response
19. Become a freelance photographer
20. Become a freelance publicist/pr person
21. Help someone change their life
22. Enter some type of eating contest
23. Have a blog that is read daily/post multiple times a week
24. Learn to perform Salat
25. Learn to fly a plane
26. Buy a pole
27. Attend a Patriots game
28. Go to the SuperBowl
29. Be mentioned in a magazine
30. Learn to dance salsa
31. Go completely in the buff at a clothing optional beach
32. Read the entire Quran
33. Become PADI certified
34. Go to a game in Fenway Park
35. Get myself a custom diamond ring with emerald begets
36. Buy a 6 series BMW
37. Summit a mountain (Everest/Kilimanjaro)
38. Go to Hajj
39. See (climb) the pyramids in Egypt
40. Swim in the Dead Sea
41. Go to the Vatican
42. Go up the Eiffel Tower
43. Go to the Salt Dessert/Sea in Bolivia
44. Go to a shooting range
45. Run a half-marathon
46. Mardi Gras in N.O.
47. Niagara Falls
48. White water rafting
49. Machu Picchu
50. Salt Cathedral in Colombia
51. Zip line tour
52. Go to San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo, Chile.
53. Learn to snowboard
54. Go maple syrup sapping in VT

Enjoying a bucket

55. Go zorbing
56. Angel Falls
57. Victoria Falls
58. Ride a camel
59. Taj Mahal
60. Visit the Louvre
61. Swim with dolphins
62. Learn to read tarot cards
63. Royal Gorge Bridge (Canon City, CO)
64. Amazon Rainforest
65. Tierra del Fuego
66. Sahara Desert
67. Aztec Temples
68. Become fluent in ASL
69. Find a life partner
70. Go to a real haunted house
71. Walk across a country’s border
72. Attend a shavas dinner
73. Go to every MTA station
74. Throw a huge party for myself
75. Get a drastic hair cut
76. Relearn the violin
77. Give a toast at a wedding
78. Go a month without using a cell phone
79. Attend a World Series game
80. Attend a Stanley Cup game
81. Attend a NBA championship game
82. Go to Brasil Pride
83. Meet my grandchildren
84. Stay in a. 5 star hotel
85. Look inside a volcano
86. Donate money in the form of a scholarship
87. Learn to whistle
88. Write a letter to my children and give it to them when they turn 18
89. Climb the Statue of Liberty
90. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
91. Walk the Great Wall of China
92. Read the entire bible
93. Go to the North Pole
94. Visit the Grand Canyon
95. Experience zero gravity
96. Summit Mt. Rainier
97. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
98. Swim in Devil’s Pool
99. Go inside the White House
100. Visit the Edinburgh Castle (Scotland)
101. Go to a Hammam
102. Oktoberfest in Germany
103. Walk across the GWB
104. Learn to drive a stick shift
105. Visit Stonehedge
106. Get married
107. Be a movie extra
108. Solve a rubik’s cube
109. Go to the Jack Daniels Distillery
110. Watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
111. Visit Darmstadt, Germany where my parents met

(hopefully adding more after I hit all 111. on this list.

4 thoughts on “My Bucket “Life” List

    • Thanks. I figure it will be a ‘living document’ and as I check off a bunch, I can add others. Go ahead and start a lit, they’re fun and help plan things out! =]

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