10 of My Favorite Places to Eat in NYC

Eating is definitely something I enjoy doing and NYC offers options from around the world without the need to get your passport stamped and board an plane. With 1000’s of restaurants in NYC how can you find one that you will actually enjoy and get what you’re expecting? Ask around or seek out the information so you don’t end up unpleasantly surprised! I decided to keep my top 10 to places within the confines of Manhattan.

10. Dallas BBQ There are locations all over Manhattan but the most lively is the one on 23rd St. and 8th Ave. The half chicken and yellow rice is definitely a filling meal, throw in a Texas-sized margarita and you should be more than content for less than $20.00.

9. Room ServiceA cute lil thai restaurant on 8th Ave and 19th St. I usually stop by for lunch here. With specials starting at $7 it’s a great deal.  Most of the lunch entrees include an appetizer and rice which definitely keeps me going until dinner time.

8. Vanessa’s Dumpling House – If you’ve never had dumplings before I would definitely recommend on 118 Eldridge St. For $5 you can get a drink, sesame sandwich and two orders of dumplings. I doubt there is a way to go wrong with that and you may not be able to eat it all. Don’t forget the vinegar/soy sauce dressing.

7. Blockheads – Not only do they serve decent burritos and nachos but you should definitely make it out to one of their locations around Manhattan for a $3 margarita. If you want something a little different order a “Red Nose Pit” which is a margarita with a layer of sangria over it and topped off with a Coronita.

6. Sylvia’s Restaurant – Some of the best soul food in NYC is served here. For almost 50 years Sylvia’s has offered everything you would expect out of a good ole down south meal. If you make your way up to Harlem head over to 328 Lenox Ave and grab a bite to eat. Sylvia’s has been very successful and you can find products in local grocer’s.

5. Cafe con Leche – Ropa vieja has been a favorite dish of mine for years. This Cuban restaurant on Amsterdam Ave  and 96th St. has great mojitos, great cuban bread, and great meals.

4. Patacones Truck – This truck is stationed on 202nd St. and Broadway right across the street from a club called Umbrella. There is usually a line in some form as the manager, Adolfo,  at the window points at customers to take their orders . Brush up on your spanish, I don’t recall hearing much english going on. My favorite is a patacon full which is a sandwich made of plantains with ketchup, mayo, all types of meat, tomato, and lettuce which costs me about $6.

3. Chicken & Rice – You know you’ve made it to the right spot when you walk up to the corner of 53rd and 6th (SW Corner) on a Wednesday night and find a line 20 deep of locals and visitors waiting for a plate of chicken and rice.  Add some white sauce and if you’re feeling adventurous add a little red sauce.  One plate will fill you up and can easily be shared with others.

2. Croxley Ale – In NYC it’s hard to get a cheap meal that actually tastes good and it filling. If you enjoy buffalo/hot wings as much as I do then you will soon realize that you are in wing heaven on Avenue B between 2nd/3rd Sts. For 10 cents a wing you can get your fill on wings very easily. These meaty aren’t the fat covered or meatless ones that many pizzerias all over the place offer, so come hungry because you will leave full!

1. Bereket – This Turkish eatery on the corner of East Houston St. and Orchard St. is open 24 hours a day and tends to have its peak hours between 12-4am Thursday night through Saturday night. I get my staple doner kebab, lamb filled, with everything and white and red sauce on top. I can eat these all week and not be tired of them.

All of these places offer a place you can go and enjoy the company of others or be alone and enjoy great food while you’re at it. There are tons of other places I enjoy eating around NYC from 99 cent slices of cheese pizza and deli heros to knishes with mustard and filet mignon from some of NYC’s best steak houses.

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