Can I Slope? Yes you can!

Before heading up to Libe Slope

How do you describe something so great? For the average attendee it was just another concert with beer flowing from the Budweiser trucks for five hours. Sprinkle in a great group of friends and a couple additional ounces of alcohol and you’ve got so much more!

Slope 2010 was my initiation into the world of Cornell University and

Got my ticket!

Ithaca, NY. I was lucky enough to find someone who had a spare alumnus ticket at, I paid $25 for it and I was off with my group of friends over the bridge to make it to Libe Slope for a day of fun in the sun.

Slope Day had humble beginnings in the late 19th century but transitioned to something completely different recently by limiting access to the Libe Slope and Ho Plaza to ticketed guests, volunteers providing guests with complementary bottled water, and even food and beverages being sold with restrictions barring attendees from bringing such items beyond the entrance gates. Live performances were also another thing to be reinstated.  This year k-os, Francis & The Lights, and Drake provided great entertainment to all those that made it to the stage.

Drake perfoming at Slope Day 2010

The rest of the evening and weekend continued on with the same theme; drinks and parties to be had. One pleasant, yet unexpected, surprise for me was the flurries that closed out Saturday evening. Although I don’t think many would agree in that aspect.

Overall Slope Day was an amazing¬†experience in which I was able to not only enjoy the concerts and functions that occurred during the weekend but take in the natural beauty of Ithaca, NY. I would definitely suggest anyone still in the 20’s to give Slope Day a shot and if not at least check out the scenic town tucked four hours away from New York City. Be sure to sleep before your arrival, you won’t find time to fit it into youschedule once you arrive!

A taste of Ithaca's beauty

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