I once had a farm…I was a Farmville Addict!

Bye-Bye Farm

It all started with a Pomegranate Tree in my Requests on Facebook and overnight I became one of the 23 million fans (and farmers) of Farmville. I spent my time figuring out which crops would be optimal for me to have a seemingly normal day only to rush to the nearest computer to make sure I harvested my crops before they withered!

As sad as this sounds, I know I was not alone. My friends and I would speak freely at events and over meals about our crops and what we were planning to purchase for our ‘farms.’ We would sms each other with requests for specific items to complete a project. Sometimes we were even able to get other unsuspecting friends to join the darkside, which is Farmville.

Luckily for me I made a promise to myself that if I reached a personal goal, raising at least $300 for March for Babies in remembrance of my niece. With the help of great friends and family I was able to surpass my goal and I kept up my end of the deal.

Like over 4 million other ‘farmers’, I decided to kick the habit and get rid of my farm. It’s been almost a month since I have seen my farm and I do not miss it because I know it was in my best interests to do so. Many of my friends are still ‘farmers’, I still get requests in my inbox but I made a promise to myself and I’m sticking to it, if not for myself its for my niece so I can spend time thinking about her rather than my crops and animals.

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